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More than 15 years of health industry experience

Medical Presentations is a digital health communication business. Services specialise in medical writing, copywriting and web designing. Committed to evidence-based health communication, the business has been delivering strategic projects on real-world health issues. 


With experience, my solutions have supported translations in the discovery of research, simplified information on health conditions, marketed content for better health product choices, accurately reported activities and increased development of policies. 

The focus of quality work is to improve critical health literature, awareness and accessibility. Accurate, clear and credible writing with all of the services.

Delivering work on time, with explicit quality, ethics and the agreed contract value.

Accelerate your work in reporting studies while reducing costs with quality and concise information. Improve informed consents, detailing the study protocol, reviewing of case reports, descriptions of statistical analysis plans and presenting of early drafts in statistical tables for blinded data listings before database lock.


work in laboratorium
Checking Blood Pressure

Prioritise research topics and reduce errors in publications to enhance credibility. With Scientific English, have manuscripts proofread to comply with journal article checklists, instructions and reporting guidelines. Use strategies for successful submissions and if resubmitting, address the reviewers comments. Be within the scope of the journal, add to existing literature and eliminate grammatical errors.

Scientific and Medical Publications

Train populations to adapt to their changing environment by highlighting preventative options, treatments and rehabilitation programs. Use simple methods of instruction to raise critical thinking for lifelong learning. Blend content with research, explanations, examples, case studies, simulation tools, competency assessments, surveys and channels of learning.


Team Meeting

Market products by treating each client as unique with relational and personalised strategies. Co-create a customer experience for product awareness. Use their personal health ecosystem and proactive approach in meeting needs. Integrate and connect digital tools with easy to understand content for health lifestyle training.

Promotional and Medical Marketing 

Digital communication competencies
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Joanne is an adept medical writer and establisher of Medical Presentations in 2016. As a member of the Australasian Medical Writers Association for 6 years, she has worked in Sydney and Cairns contributing to improving quality, safety and effectiveness in health industry communication. 

She has international working experience educating in Switzerland, approximately 10 years of clinical secondary healthcare service and sales representative achievements.

Adaptable to specific areas of medicine, using knowledge and expertise, she can analyse data, understand insights, scope scalability and produce nuanced manuscripts for clientele.
Joanne Cantoni-Pudniks (BScN, Cert. ICU & CCU)
Medical Writer, Australia
Sectors of work services
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