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Presentations Book 

Get more than fifty years of research evidence to present in the healthcare industry with confidence.

Researched and evidence based eBook. Aimed for professionals in the healthcare industry.  It offers techniques to improve your presentations for meetings and conferences.

Researched studies reveal cross cultural aspects of body language, voice, choice of words and technology. Avoid creating distractions and misunderstandings.

As an international speaker communicate with clarity. Enhance the experience and establish interest. With information from influential people in healthcare you can present despite cultural differences. Build good relationships with every member of your audience.

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1. International communication 
2. Me
mory retention 
3. Voice strength 
4. Innovation 
5. Qualities of warmth 
6. Clarity 
7. Planning 

8. Writing content 
9. Graphic design 
10. Slide content 
11. Editing & proofreading 
12. Delivery 
13. International interaction


1. International communication checklist 
2. Positive and transition words 
3. Imagery with words 
4. Focus & power words 
5. Sensory words 
6. English differences 
7. Fonts on PowerPoint slide

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