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Make it easy for your customers 
to find your services and products.

Social Media

Get digital media content to help do the work of getting customers

Reach customers and be recognised in the healthcare industry with social media designed for customer acquisition. Brand your online reputation with positive language, interaction, commitment and personalised features. Build and improve your customer's perspective.


Medical Presentations is an Australian health communication business offering help with interactive website media.
Medical Presentations is an Australian health communication business offering help with health content for social media blogs.
Medical Presentations is an Australian health communication business offering help with advertising with social media posts.
Medical Presentations is an Australian health communication business offering help with social media ad campaigns.

Interactive Websites

Consumers like to search for quality and reputable health information showing a friendly approach in a  protected platform. 


Users find information to share with family and friends. They go to blogs to seek online support.


People look for encouragement to share care journeys together.

Ad Campaigns

Customers like facts, content worth sharing and specialised opinions from influencers about care.

Brand you reputation. How can you do it?

Attract customers with social media to be familiar with you and this will influence purchases.  

Campaign objective 

Gain new buying customers, recruit email subscribers, and develop long term lead generation with SEO to improve Google ranking.  Build brand authority and relations with content serving customers.

Simple product value 

Communicate real value to a customers need. Distinguish it against the competitor. 

Scheduling success with campaigns

Actively campaign your propositions as a dominate amongst other options or industry deals. Get results with social media conversion rate analytics!


Marketing to considering the influential changes in social media platforms, worldwide issues, key industry events, social emotions and network groupings.

What do consumers like the most?


 Videos with content.
Faster web pages.
Ads with events, offers, products, communities and topics.


Sharing with images.
Combining prints and digital ads.


Connecting with others and being part of a community.

Strategy to engage, share and connect


Brand organic searches with key phrases, title tags and popular business profile listings.  Make you URL web pages simple for direct traffic. Connect with affiliate businesses for referral traffic. Direct customers with branded email marketing and social media to your website.

Show you have the useful knowledge and expertise from management to customer service level.  Strong brand personality with professional tone is preferred by customers. Personalised shorter messages, ask questions and for likes. 
Video promotions

Viewers are more likely to comment about and share product information or explainers of videos on landing pages. They can help build trust in friendships and increase conversion. 
Digital interaction

Aim for efficient web speed. Increase visitor rate, interest, ecommerce, apps, willingness to buy and conversion. Make the most Impact by using the parallax scrolling feature, reducing plugins and less CSS animations. 
Brand recognition

Aligning marketing with business goals and plans with consistency amongst all platforms. Logos, style, blog structure, language, tone, emotional connection and responsiveness. 
Customer support design

Plan a client service design with humanised media, specific requests for details in forms, offer a support page, keep channels open for contacting your. Choose industry colours, themes and unique designs suited for individual platforms. Customers favour space, brand reference, special deals, pricing, links, photos and images.
Find new customers and keep clients using social media targeting for posts and advertising

Active users.

Medical Presentations can help you find new customers by social targeting with international reach, locations, demographics, attributes,companies, groups, communities, keywords, conversation marketing and remarketing.

International locations
Target locations, postcodes, cities and regions.

Connections, followers, growth, employees, size and revenue.

Demographics and attributes
Age, gender, education, job experience and interests.

Groups and communities
Users communicating with
online social platforms.

Search keywords used to 
include or exclude people.

Conversation marketing
English speaking conversations on different topics 

People who previously saw your media.

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