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Proofreading in Universities

Proofreading for University Students

Is proofreading accepted by my University?



Universities accept proofreading assistance for students in specific circumstances to enable academic achievement with plagiarism free papers and confident language skills.  It is essential to be are familiar with the Australian Standards of requirements in editing for Australian Universities.


Medical Presentations offers services to Universities, knowing there is a high demand in waiting lists for student applying for training sessions and editorial assistance. The intention of editorial assistance is to develop the academic and scientific writing skills of the student. 

Theses work: Universities sometimes require submission of an Editorial Assistance Request Form prior to supporting services.

Course work: Unit coordinators need to give approval prior to seeking services.

Essays: The intention is to develop the skills of the student with coaching. Feedback is given to students wishing to improve their academic writing and students for whom English is an additional language.


Learn more with the resource, Listing of Universities Accepting Proofreading Services in Australia for editorial assistance and information about essay training sessions.

In some cases, an Australian Awards Scholarship for supplementary academic support can be attained for tutoring or editorial assistance.  


In work performed by Medical Presentations, awareness and verification of the Australian Standards ensures compliance when editing documents.


Assistance is given and restricted to:

  • Standard C - Exemplars only are given.

  • Standard D – Language and Illustrations.

  • Standard E – Completeness and consistency.


Provision of editing assistance incorporates:

a)  resolution of minor grammatical and technical writing issues

b)  the requirement, with the knowledge of the principal supervisor

d)  an editor not currently researching actively in the student discipline area.

Agreements are made with the student identifying the engagement of an editor process, checking and type of document and delivery format before acceptance.  


Documents are corrected with an electronic format in MS Word, Adobe or with proofreading marks.

A declaration form can be issued to the student identifying the piece of work having been proofread (signature, date, professional membership). Marked‐up versions of the work will be kept on file as encouraged by the Universities.


Scheduling receipt and handover of completed work.


When a document has been proofread, the name of the editor and a brief description of the service, in regards to the Australian Standards for Editing Practice is identified. This information can be printed as part of the list of acknowledgements or other prefatory information.


Universities allow students to use editing services with restrictions and supportive editorial training services. 


Listing of Universities accepting proofreading services in Australia


Australian Capital Territory


Australian National University 

University of Canberra

New South Wales


Australian Catholic University

Charles Sturt University

Macquarie University

Southern Cross University

University of New England

University of New South Wales

University of Newcastle

University of Sydney 

University of Technology, Sydney

Western Sydney University

University of Wollongong


Northern Territory


Charles Darwin University




Bond University 

CQ University 

Federation University of Australia 

Griffith University 

James Cook University 

Queensland University of Technology 

The University of Queensland 

University of Southern Queensland

University of the Sunshine Coast 


South Australia


Carnegie Mellon University 

Flinders University 

Torrens University Australia 

University College London 

University of Adelaide 

University of South Australia




University of Tasmania 




Deakin University

Federation University of Australia 

La Trobe University 

Monash University 

RMIT University 

Swinburne University of Technology 

University of Divinity 

University of Melbourne 

Victoria University

Western Australia


Curtin University 

Edith Cowan University

Murdoch University 

University of Notre Dame Australia 

The University of Western Australia 

We offer support 

The Book 'Presentations' offers good information about communication, writing content, editing, proofreading and preparing slides for presentations.

Send an email for more information or a quote for editorial assistance.

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