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Information Research Services

High-quality information research services checking for valid, reliable and accurate information. 

Information research for can be for investigating health standards, clinical trial research, academic articles, technological developments, pharmaceutical marketing, health education, clinical provision and payments. 


Information research services can help with: 

✥  Phone based interviews for qualitative research.

✥  Providing data evidence to support the purpose of your research.
✥  Reporting relevant information and identifying sources. 

✥  Finding opportunities to collaborate with influencers.

✥  Giving information needed to comply with ethical and unbiased attributes.


What are the benefits of online research?

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Research, fact checking and verifying process
Data Analyst
Talking in Headset

Identifying and interpreting 

Supportive evidence to justify the research can be found in similar publications, journals of online influence and relevant citation listings.​ Using experience, ​descriptions of gaps and finding weakness of relevant literature can help you develop your claims. 

Accountant at Work


Read the concise report of the online searches with record of relevant keywords literature reviewed and social media to support your research.




Analysing online activities and perspectives 

Finding the right platform to aid in conducting your research will facilitate collaboration. Real-time results without the geographical limitations. Connections can be made with reputable individuals in the industry if you know their social media of choice. 

Data Analyst

Citations and referencing


Citations are ranked as the most interesting metric for data impact. They are an indicator of reputable and quality research. Have your citation work checked by us in accordance with content, transparency, self-citations, discrepancies in references, links, correct style and format. We look at author credibility, the importance of the information, longevity and clinical relevancy. References are researched for the possibility of there being a duplication of other publications and retracted literature.

Executive Making a Phone Call
Executive Making a Phone Call

Telephone interviews


We approach telephone interviews with an unbiased, friendly, courteous, conversational attitude. The interviewer shares an introduction, identifies the sponsor, describes the study topic, acknowledges the duty of confidentiality, explains the information usage and estimates the interview length.


Questions are asked with exactly the same content and order to individual participants. Unclear responses are investigated and resolved. Demographic variables are asked at the end of the interview.  Interviewee feedback is given as per request of the customer. Research calling complies with Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) standards for calling times unless expressed consent is given for a different time of day.

Flowchart for the research process

Quality, Useful & Supportive Literature

Valid and Reliable Citations, Plagiarism, Retracted Publications and Duplication Checking 

Scope in Literature Gaps 

Opportunities for Reinterpreting Theories

Past Methodology

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research design
plan and simplify
search engines

Traditional narrative review

Systematic quantitative literature review

Methods of meta-analysis

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social technology
check timing
best evidence

Title relevancy 

Scientific and non-scientific studies

Information of articles published

Preprinted papers

Scientific abstracts from meetings

Social technology

Strength of recommendations

Study design ranking 

Important consistencies

Direction of evidence

Low bias, quality and strength


Journal article


Patient records



Pdf files

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