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Social media: Why and when?

Social media, medical, healthcare, when, why

Create interest and curiosity

Socially communicate

Interact with polls, informative content and internal citations

Build goodwill with positive sentiments


What can you do before a major presentation?

Create a hashtag and tweet

- Keep event-related tweets together.

- Archive your online content using HootSuite Archives (formally TwapperKeeper).

- Publicise and promote sessions in advance with Tweets.

- Gain visibility in a large conference.

- Gather people to meet.

- Converse, encourage feedback and ask questions.

Poll an audience

- Use four answer options to gain information from others.

- Reward participants with knowledge from contributing.

- Identify potential candidates for collaboration.

- Gain respect for reliable information with integrity.

- Attract new followers.

- Trial survey questions.

Backchannel with a live conversation occurring online while presenting at a conference

- Make each of your main concepts as a Tweetbite in your presentation

(Adhere to a word limit of 140 characters or less for short and timely interactions).

- Encourage the audience to ask questions, comment and give feedback.

- Facilitate learning from others.

- Prioritise speaker engagement before online activities.

- Be prepared for questions as a presenter.

- Monitor TwitterStream with other panel experts allocated moments in the presentation for live


Live tweeting

- Participants can tweet information about their ideas and thoughts online.

- Increase your followers and motivate participants of an event.

- Monitor sentiments of events that are hashtagged.


When is the best time to post?


Use videos, photos, ask people to get notifications, request feedback, photo tag, monitor popular trends and keep it short.

Best days with higher engagement to post:

32% on Saturday

32% on Sunday

18% on Thursday

18% on Friday

Best times:

9 am - 1 pm (Thursday and Friday)

1 pm - for the most shares

3 pm - for the most clicks


Insight to people reached, number of engagements in posting consumers, link clicks and positive feedback.

(Mitchell, 2017)


Straightforward questions, follow industry leaders, photos, videos, slides, reviews, testimonies, news, thoughts, tweets, hashtags, clicks, quotes and citations.

Best days with higher engagement to post:

18% on Thursday at 12 pm

Best times:

12 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm and 6 pm (Monday to Friday)


Tweets, Tweet impressions, sentiment analysis. profile visits, mentions, followers, engagement rates, top interests, top language, mobile footprint, recurring trends in events, video viewing data and conversion tracking,

(York, 2017)


Personal messages with LinkedIn request, profile photo, explanations, profile, relationship tags, photos, messaging templates, career advice, research people related to conferences, tag conference attendees and post on LinkedIn Publisher about the event.

Best days with higher engagement to post:

Mondays to Fridays (1 pm to 4 pm)

Avoid Fridays

Best times:

Thursday and Fridays (1 pm)


Number of connections, degree of follower connections and referral traffic.

(York, 2017)


Use mobile friendly techniques, high resolution profile photo, share content for indexing, create reviews, look for events, tag photos, videos and generate traffic to important links.

Best days with higher engagement to post:

Monday to Friday (9 am to 12 am)

Avoid Saturday and Sunday

Best times:

Wednesday 9 am


Use Visibility for total views count, activity engagement, follower growth patterns, Google Analytics for websites, reviews, YouTube channel subscribers and Ripples for sharing of posts publicly.

(York, 2017)


Create a video, use target keywords in the title, include a colon in the title, make a personal channel, build a bulletin to link to your channel.

Best days with higher engagement to post:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday (12 pm to 3 pm)

Tuesday (1 pm)

Best times:

1 pm to 3 pm


Use analytics to determine demographics, retention rate, use click through rates of annotations.

TUBEBUDDY EXTENSION allows you to find the best YouTube posting schedule.

(Polk, 2013)


Photo profile, degrees, titles, invite colleagues, automatic data scanned updates, clinical interests to profile for referrals and upload CV for connectivity.


Residency program rankings for residency applications.



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