Renew your mind

Find the right path to success.

Remember, your spirit controls your mind.

Train your mind to be more truthful

Be honest with yourself first.

Think about values and obedience and not rules.

Admit when you do something wrong.

Rebuke things that are wrong and hurtful and then walk away peacefully.

Be prepared and part of the change.

Do not be judgemental towards people. Look for truth and peace in others.

Pride can misguide you in seeing the truth about what you need. It also reduces your experience in receiving satisfaction. Fear of not achieving goals can create a path of lying, taking away the truth.

Enjoy the fruits of being truthful.

Ask questions to clear misunderstandings.

Accept the superior way

Know your own strengths and that by accepting love as the superior way, all things can be done.

Do not trust your own knowledge but walk in wisdom.

Speak with love.

Be giving

Be charitable.

Be giving within your capacity.

Understand limits in disclosing personal information to others.

Provide good, helpful, information.

Meet commitments

Be devoted, diligent and honourable.

Approach problems proactively, strive with good intentions and acceptance.

Do not be misguided, when old methods and old techniques are harmful. Change is needed to grow and learn.

Prepare your mind for action

Have a childlike approach with bravery.

Enjoy every experience as a new experience.

Look for a path to enjoy life.

Be thankful.

Share and forgive.

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