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Medical Presentations, innovated designs, slides


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New ideas, creating and making improvements

Innovation is creativity that makes things profitable by improving life. It is associated with efficiency, productivity, quality and comparisons that make positive global changes.

Medical Presentations, innovation

Focus on the process:

  • Have aim for your presentation.

  • Contribute with potential to give to the global community.

  • Make it easy for the audience to hear and make the slides easy to read.

  • An enjoyable experience is usually one that is less complicated and more fun.

  • Share your intentions to improve standards of current safe practice.

Connect the stages:

  • Only repeat the most important things.

  • Associate with culture and humanity.

  • Connect slides with a topic theme using colour, images, background or font.

  • Use a home page to discuss an inspiring point before making your transitions (visual image, quote, or evidence).

Effect the audience:

  • See things from the audiences perspective.

  • Be bold and energetic...enjoy yourself.

  • Let your audience support you.

  • Use images that are different that also show humanity.

  • Make your most important slides more unusual.

  • Show why you care about the topic.

  • Incorporate a different type of experience that is respected.

  • Be pro active and reveal outcomes from your initiatives.

  • Inspire.

  • Make a change in the design pattern of slides (approximately every 5th slide).

  • Negative advice "do not" is retained more in memory, ensure a reason is given and is related to providing good outcomes.

  • White space on slides keeps their attention.

  • Walk closer to the audience when they are not paying attention.

Medical Presentations, innovation

  • Be diligent to present yourself as a professional who accurately handles information truthfully.

  • Give particular attention to formatting.

  • Clarify information with graphs and tables.

  • Minimise word on the slide to make them useful.

  • Only repeat most important things.

Medical Presentations, innovations

  • Minimise words on slides. Make information useful with new ideas.

  • Be creative and use simple images never seen before.

  • Use creative imagery with words.

  • Relate information to things that are familiar in the profession.

  • Make Information relevant to images so that together it is more clear.

  • Aim for the outcome of your presentation to effect other peoples lives.

  • Take questions before your final conclusion.

  • Be open and non-judgemental.

  • Admit your limitations and needs.

  • Show humility with your experiences.

Make sure you love your work ... then others will too!


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