Fire up their hearts

In humility, we know that there is a need in the world for a change. Change to help others in need. It reaches out to us.


because of mercy and compassion

See with your eyes, hear with your ears, understand with your heart, those that are in need.

Serving happens by making changes.

Mistakes have been made in the past.

Change is important in gaining forgiveness.

Have a heart and a mind to serve others.

Share in a mutual purpose towards good.

Work together.

Understanding your audience and how they need to be served is recognising that they also want to be merciful and compassionate. Lives need to improve. People need healing.


generously as it is in our power

We all receive gifts, and we can use them to give to one another.

Your voice and your message has power.

It can be gracious to others.

Reach out to your audience in a way that it appeals at all levels of understanding.

The purifying influence of words can renew the minds of the audience. Motivate and give in the spirit.

Show warmth with enthusiasm, affection and kindness.

Give your time, truthful information, light and guidance.


for love and to love each other

  • Take time to enjoy researching case examples, surveying people and gathering information from others.

  • When you suffer, be patient.

  • Use your heart to be truthful; understanding peoples needs, results and discussions.

  • Be disciplined and concise with your work.

  • Be human, approachable and vulnerable.

  • Finish the presentation with a goal for the future. Discuss with the audience goals for individual, community and global changes. When you have hope, be joyful.

Be faithful

towards your devotions

Welcome the audience to give them more that they will enjoy.

Appreciate the audience and your colleagues.

Give a friendly introduction of yourself and background with the audience before you start the presentation.

Share a genuine smile.

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