Building relationships

Social Media Reaches OUT with Facebook

International Interaction for Conferences

Facebook is supportive

Facebook has been identified as the most supportive.

Their users are more trusting

They have more close relationships.

Users are more political....and politically correct.

(Hampton, Goulet, Rainie & Purcell, 2011)


Educate on prevention.

Understand problems and solutions.

Make friendships that continue.

Use instant free video calling.

Give yourself and your friends privacy time.

Share fun charity interests.


Need to know some last minute details about an upcoming conference?

Looking for your copy of the Conference Information Package?

Is it your first time delivering?

Missed your flight? Traffic delays?

Can't do the presentation?

Enjoy and share:

-be fruitful and have fun

-enjoy company with people that understand with their heart

-be disciplined

-have common interests and goals

-keep it private and respectful

-humility will facilitate helping others

-bring something new and different into your life.

Social media can help by giving you understanding to problems and solutions like:



-best hotels to stay


-best person to contact

-friendships that continue

-supportive people.


The personal information you give can be controlled.

Be understanding with your heart.

You can delay and control your responses.

You can choose appropriate times for interactions.

Enjoy your experiences.

Be active... not so reactive.

Respond with full attention.

Use mobile social media sparingly.

Before you interact ask.... what can I do to help or support?

Share fun charity interests like....


(Hampton, K., Goulet, L. S., Rainie, L., & Purcell, K. (2011, June). Social networking sites and our lives. Retrieved from

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