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Medical Presentations, font

Readability is important in a presentation.

It attracts attention to style. Legibility is ability to easily read typeface.


Design your presentation enabling all you audience members opportunity to be able to read with ease, despite their seating arrangement in the room.


Medical Presentations, slide layout

No Text Zone

I don't mean in the car....

It is an area that is at risk of projection loss, loss of value and disregard (non-negotiable).

A clean outside area of a slide is essential unless it is part of the background.

Font Clarity

There are two types of font styles that are easy to read:

-Sans Serif (Helvetica, Arial, Veranda)

-Serif Font (Times New Roman, Palatino).


Use bold, Sans Serif font for maximum readability.

Avoid italics or only use for short lengths of text. It can slow down reading by 40%.


The title should be 28-36 point size.

Body text should be 20-28 points, no smaller than 18 point size.

Do not use more than three font sizes per slide (e.g., 32, 28, and 24 points on same slide).

Kerning and Tracking

Decide your font before kerning or tracking.

Kerning is the spacing between two specific letters. Tracking is the spacing between all the letters in a selection of text.

Take care with the following lowercase letters (g, j, p, q and y).

The following uppercase letters can also be problematic (A, W, T and Y).

(Johnson, 2011)


Leading is the line spacing or line height.

(Johnson, 2011)

Kerning and spacing can be altered with the following steps:

  1. Select the text you want to adjust.

  2. Right click.

  3. Choose the Tools option from the Font menu.

  4. Word will displays the Font dialog box for you to make choices.

Medical Presentations, kerning

(Cantoni-Pudniks, 2017)


Control the font size easily by inserting your own text box instead of using the default slide layout.

The default size for titles and body text set by Microsoft PowerPoint is often too large.



Johnson, J. (2011). 8 Simple and useful tips for kerning type. Retrieved September 12, 2017, from


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