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February 20, 2019

Support for research translation


With funding opportunities for clinical trials teams in Australia, Medical Presentations offer supportive services with standards for dedication to excellence for stakeholder partnerships.  



Developing High Quality Strategic Solutions


Services to improve study impact

  • sponsorship proposals

  • online research

  • phone surveys for phase 2 or more trials

  • presentation making

  • clinical trial amendments

  • future proofreading for clinical trial registrations



Products for Implementation

‘Presentations’ iBook reveals 50 years of evidence-based research.

Present in the healthcare industry with confidence and clear English.


‘mp’ App is designed to integrate technological training activities and give resources and checklist for giving a presentation.



International expansion of online viewers

Appeal for services has been expanding with reach mostly in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Indonesia, Malaysia, UK, Europe, USA and Alaska.  We express gratitude to new visitors and returning patrons.



May 30, 2018

Improve mobile responsive design
Additional SEO optimisation
Website Summary
  • 27/30 Website performance 
  • 10/10 Security SSL certificate
  • 25/30 SEO
  • Content passed
  • No blacklists identified
  • No vulnerabilities found
  • No malware detected
January 29, 2018
Website Grader shows good result
With concerns expressed by the Australian government about cybersecurity for small businesses, there have been recent upgrades to our website. The StaySmartOnline service have given recommendations and advice for scams, protection of devices, password coverage, database security and malware.  Our cybersecurity plan incorporates encryption protocols for device to server communications. 
International confidence by implementing security through:
SSL - Secure Socket Layer 
TLS - Transport Layer Security
HTTPS - Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
RSA - Rivest-Shamir-Adleman 
Our results from the well known Hubspot’s Marketing Grader shows the categories scores of blogging, social media, lead generation, SEO and mobile responsiveness.  Gravityscan is another open to the public website security scanning software available for online user. 


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