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Communicate scientific information to translate research with a pathway to the global community.
  • New sector innovation
  • Teamwork to manage workload
  • Minimize payroll costs
  • Accomplish well presented information
  • Bundle projects or tasks
​  Unique features
  • Deliver improved and impressive results
  • Designed to support career progression
  • Visibility of project plans 

​  Benefits 
  • Variety of work projects
  • High quality scientific documents
  • Achieve intent of accessibility
  • Regulatory vigilance
  • Speed-to-achieve

Up to 15 unique slides


Summarising information

Visual assets*

Design element



Accurate reporting 

Ethical medico-marketing


Project mapping

Regulatory research

Unbiased criteria

Data and content organisation

Literature reviewing and editing

Science related degree

Relevant information 
Supportive evidence

Methodical reporting


Quality supportive Literature

Data summary


Social media

Web site comparisons



Developmental editing

Copy editing

No plagiarism 

Editing and proofreading

Complete referencing and citation

Compliant: guidelines and style

150 AUD

30/hr AUD

30/hr AUD

30/hr AUD

*<75% of slides with charts, images, illustrations, infographics and photographs.

Prices are negotiable with a quote.

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