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Meetings with focus

Report Taking 

June 13, 2016

With the Chairperson


Allocate seating next to the chairperson.

Make sure you can see the presentation screen. 


Preparation for the meeting:

-follow organisation structure

-identify allocations and organise location

-prepare previous meeting minutes, agenda and copies of reports 

-alert participants to assigned pre-meeting tasks

-clarify the level of detailing needed

-mutually agree upon time allocation for pacing

-identify preferred method of taking the minutes 

-check if there is a quorum.


Approve meeting minutes with chairperson (if appropriate).

Distribute meeting minutes within 2-24 hours to all members.

June 13, 2016

Report Writing

Use active sentences.

Do not include first-person pronouns (we and our).

Write in past tense.

Strive for accuracy.

Align with relevance and purpose. 



With other attendants

Relatively silent.

Display an international style communication.

Be non-judgemental. in attitude.

Avoid bias.

Ask for clarity of information when there are:

  • unclear decision 

  • many suggestions 

  • inconclusive topics 

  • lengthy discussions and non-adherence to timelines

  • overtalking and interrupting causing misalignment with meeting topic.

June 13, 2016


-direct documentation

-can use a recording.



-time effective in the direct documentation

-easy to use keys

-access to online and stored data 

-can use a recording.


Written Notes:

-strengthens conceptual understanding 

-more memorable (short and long-term)

-less distraction

-needs documenting for distribution.



Recording Device:

-gives all attendants ability to have more focus on contributing

-remote, online or virtual meetings 

-used in trusting environments.

-needs meeting participants approval. 


June 14, 2016

60% – 70% of the minute taking is done before the meeting begins. 


Prepare your documentation in advance.

Follow the aim of the agenda.

Include reports as supplements.

Avoid recording and transcribing if possible.

Allocate time per item on the agenda.

Only record motions that impact decisions. 

Approve meeting minutes prior to distribution. 

Avoid shorthand...instead, summarise messages. 

Direct documentation for email distribution (reduce transcribing time).

June 14, 2016

Most important components:




-actions for the attendees.

Techniques for diligence:


-confirmations with chairperson 

-record all decisions and actions for inclusion in the minutes


Report exact wording of all: 


-movers and seconders names

-any amendments and resolutions.

June 14, 2016

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