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A study comparing meeting outcomes identified sit-down meetings 34% longer than stand-up meetings. Decision making and commitment results were considered insignificantly different. More task information was used in sit down meetings.  There were also advantages in synergy and they felt higher levels of satisfaction. 






Meeting together
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In health and education, Oxford Economics USA found 30% of customers can be lost by not meeting in person and around 32% of revenue can be lost.  
This study also indicated that if a company eliminates its business travel, corporate profits could possibly decrease by 17% in the first year. 
Another survey analyses found that by attending a research skills conference there is an increase in post-conference research productivity. The total number of publications and presentations were higher in those conference participants.


The 2015 study, A View from Meeting Planners: Winning Strategies in Destination Marketing revealed the following.
Important criteria affecting meeting planning:
  • safety and security
  • budgets
  • workload
  • responsiveness.
88 % of planners identify educational aspects of meetings influence their perception of their choice in location.
For example, Paris made both the most favourable location for an international meeting—along with London, Dublin, Barcelona, and Amsterdam—as well as the least favourable (along with the Middle East, Mexico, Russia, and Turkey).
What do attendees think will facilitate a productive meeting?
-Monday or Tuesday morning meetings
-Connecting before a meeting
-(53%) chairs and comfortable rooms
-(59%) comfortable temperature
-(47%)  refreshments
-(45%) tidy room
-(47%) good location (Business, 2013)
Location and ease of travel to the meeting for attendees are high on the agenda. They also rated it as one of the top three concerns for executing a successful meeting. This is especially true for the UK (56%), USA (54%) and the UAE (47%).  
Business meetings in the modern world insights and steps to success (2013). Crowne Plaza. Retrieved from
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Meet together


Pre discuss with others 
Arrive early or on time 

Plan to have direction

follow up

Meeting stays on time

Keep good relations

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