Meetings with focus

Presenting your content

Clarity and Focus

Content strategy requires coordination of organisational factors, project goals and contextual targets. 

  • Get their attention.
  • Lead and aim with topic titles.
  • Propose a meeting outcome statement.
         To... so that...
  • Accurate financial disposition.
  • Design meetings around plan to accomplish. 
  • Pauses for conceptual thinking breaks.
  • Including value propositions of organisation.
  • Meeting preparation guidelines (including templates, standardised pre-read protocols and timelines).
  • Investment resources and limits. 
  • Notice participants. 



Handwritten notes increase opportunity for conceptual thinking. 

More factual information exists with use of laptops and technology. 

Active Participation

Concepts and facts


  • Avoid defensiveness of ideas.
  • Be truthful.
  • Relate to terminology.
  • Format your proposals and ideas.
  • Encourage non-judgement attitudes.

Formatting an Idea 

Develop from interesting and creative to meaningful and practical in application.

Identify the scope and its likeness to other examples. 

Start with their perspective. 

Identify the depth of discussion required in the environment.

Plan 5 seconds...30 seconds...5 minutes rule to explain idea.

Prepare for a positive response. 

Present to the people in the meeting with the ability to make change. 

If your idea was not accepted well, ensure you have an understanding of why?

Q.  Practice formating and delivering an idea:
                 -5  second
                 -30 second or 
                 -5 minute.
How can we incorporate ehealth in our work to improve practicioner and patient communication?

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