mp mobile app
Preparing for a conference or major presentation?
A useful application designed to motivate and help you plan your time. 
Get organized early.
Make the best of social media
View event listings
Access peer review websites
Listen to industry podcasts
Research focused
Access best websites for searching literature
Find retracted publications
See grant opportunities
Contribute to industry research with our confidential online survey 
Organise with your personal notepad
Practice with audio speech recorder
Test your Intonations
Research-based information about career progression
"explore the way" page to direct you in management of system
Checklists for presentations: conferences, communication, rehearsal, technology, planning, orals and posters
Downloads; Oral, poster and planning (online PDF)
View essential information to transform your presentation into a publication.
Career motivation
Choosing a conference
Writing a presentation
Applying for publication

Navigation made easy.

Navigation bar with icons
Designed with easily recognizable icons giving direction and aid for users to access information.
Navigate to pages on your mobile phone using a simple path.
Introducing of the app
Displays a list of prioritized links: Introduction, strategy, social, checklists and online interactive training tools. 
Explore the way 
Direction and tips on how to make the best of the links.
Resource valuable information about conferences, technology, podcast news and websites.
Plan for interacting socially online and scheduling for easy flow writing,
Reduce your other applications into one to organize your iPhone screen. 
Use tools to practice rehearsals, communication, voice clarity and timeliness.
Develop your skills and knowledge.
Prepare for the challenge.
Delivering a presentation with a competitive advantage.

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