Mastering Presentations  


Simple lists

Only define if there is need

Remove small words (2-3 letter words)

Create a pattern and use active sentences

1-3 minutes per slide
8 lines per slide limit
Use space

Information Elements 

Focus and Impact

Use functional words

Reduce syllable count

Imagery in words

No more than 2-3 abstract nouns in a sentence

Focus, power, positive and transition words

Avoiding false friends, false cognates, homonyms, homophones and homographs

Use space for clarity 

Order Concepts

Theme subtopics  
Use transitions 

Most important information first

Create a path to a goal

Active sentences 

Use shapes to create focus

Style to lead reading of text

Create attention with images and colour  

Use space for clarity 



Title font >44 points
Subtitle font 28 to 36 points with bold
Content font 18 to 36 points
No more than 3 fonts per slide
Text contrast
Line thickness >2 points
No more than 2 lines in a text block
Space letters
Sans Serif fonts
Vivid images with contrast (5 or less colours)
Minimise text with images 
Alter kerning and tracking for:
-capitalisation of words with (AWTY)
-underlinng (gjpqy)

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