Mastering Presentations



Transitions are used between information to create compatible information flow from one idea to another:

-after the introduction

-between each change in topic 

-before the conclusion. 

They increase clarity and impact. 

Verbal - for fluency and flow

Use phrases or words for transitions 

Titles - animations

Questions - direct or guiding


Non-verbal - summarising with visualisation

Physical movement on stage

center      left       center       right      center 

Bullet points 

  • Start with verbs or start with nouns

  • Use same tense

  • Capitalise the first word

  • Apply same number of lines per bullet point

  • Full stop only for sentence

Visual Aids

(photo images, slide theming, data, demonstration products)

Transitions are most effective when they enhance associations and create visualisation.  

Signpost phrases
Signposts on stage

Adequate time, consistency and an element of surpriseis needed in delivery.

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