How to get your presentation published?

Translating your message

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Developing credible, authoritative and reliable presentations


Appeal to an audience, present information from your hard working career as a student or professional so your reputation is a competitive advantage.  Engaging presentations require clear content,...

Right people to fill the gap

Strategic advances for funding opportunities need a team approach to promote and support the aim.  

The search for successful partnerships requires real-world attitudes to build researcher capability in finding translational investi...

Risking plagiarism can result in an imposed temporary ban on researching.  The incidence of scientific misconduct has warranted routine pre-publication checks to ensure appropriate reporting of figures and image alterations (Kwon, 2017).

Action again...

Planning growth and development in career options requires continuous focus with flexibility towards differential options in career outcomes.  Networking and collaboration with others direct regional and national opportunities in developing a professional reputation th...

Keynote speakers, invited speakers, contributor and poster presenters

Firstly, prior to submitting an abstract, it is important to ensure the conference you are planning to present your research will publish conference proceedings. 

Publishing includes electronic copies...

Planning for Progression

Career Development Stages


Healthcare industry provides a richly diverse workforce of professionals with challenging and fulfilling careers.  Opportunities exist for progression in earning capacity. Ca...

Managing research information

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The acquisition of reliable research information requires distinction of source opportunities, methodology in researching and strategy in identifying the quality of evidence.  Establishing your approach to a...

Industry specific perspective 

With the opportunities for online global scope access to information, significant effort is needed towards accurate researching.  Academics, researchers and practitioners need to comply with legal requirements and adhere to privacy policie...