Pharmaceutical Business Presentation Course

Perform and demonstrate with highest level outcomes in preparing for a presentation.  Lead with outstanding success; gaining physician interest with new information from published reports, performance criteria for accreditation, establishing productive valuable outcomes for sales with customer effort and revenue.
Making Presentation Marketing

Learning Outcomes



  • Partnering with physicians to build brand alliances.


  • Communicate to offer advantages of relationship alignment.


  • Online marketing with display of new information from published reports.


  • Change information to adjust for significant events, product portfolio and compliance with national regulations.  


  • Successfully represent choices, relevant with recognition of time.


  • Promoting safe and easy product options suggesting making the most the opportunity.





Progression planning for sales and marketing

Making useful, relevant content to inform/educate 


Access with information gathering events

Social media process

Insight into connections online

Favourable channels with social media for a closed peer-to-peer network


Respectful connections 

Navigating regulatory, legal and local compliance frameworks

Perseverance with marketing communication


Promote interest in sample products to outstand competitors

Strengthen sales approach to educational support 

Research Support


Outcome evaluation and development

Connecting for Course Approval

INTERACTive Stages in Partnership


Training project proposal

MP adjustment planning

Course review

Respond to questions

Opportunity qualification

Presentation, coaching and development​

Internal debrief

Executive summary

Executive debrief

Course Outline
Social Media

Plan and document presentation approach and intended outcomes.


Brand alliance content for mutual goals with the customers and promote strategic organisational resources for supplier advertising.


Data-driven product sales predictive analytics for relationship alignment.


Online marketing to align metrics of customer portfolio assignment.


Effective planning for significant events to achieve growth, changes in portfolio, sales activities and incentive schemes to engage compliance.


Prioritising choices, work-time management, finding the best approach.


Describing products with unique benefits to customers dominating the competitor to better position the business.


Select techniques to evaluate presentation program impact with baseline and comparison group benchmarks of growth.


Utilise feedback from the audience or from key personnel involved in the presentation to make changes to central ideas presented.

Details of the Course


3 hours

4-5 participants



There are no formal 

prerequisites for this course

$180 full fee 

per person

How to Registration

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