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Joanne Cantoni-Pudniks


Everything in this world requires change. 

In healthcare, innovated ideas, natural approaches and diligence in proofing serve the community with good intentions. 


Joanne works to help professionals give clear messages with credible, influential content.


Her editing, online research and suggestions can make academic improvements by reaching out to the audience with objective, trustworthy, and accurate information.   

Refining pitch, phrasing and pacing.

As a member of the Australian Medical Writers Association, she has published an editorial blog,

How to get your presentation published?  It gives industry resources and advice for professionals advancing by publishing presentations, online videos, podcasts, journal articles, newsletters and handouts.


The writer of iBook Presentations.  An easy formatted guide for giving a healthcare presentation with 50 years of evidence-based research.  It is ideal for university students and speakers with English as an additional language.

App Builder of mp.  A self-serve app delivering useful and specific information wrapping up strategy, social media, checklists and tools for giving a presentation.  Up-to-date conference listings, research guide, writing editorial, presentation and peer review checklists, social media shortcuts, speech analysis tools and activities.  Support to professional healthcare careers.

Having been an expert in intensive care nursing, with a Bachelor of Nursing Science, Coronary Care and Critical Care Certificate, she had practiced as an educator, researcher, coordinator, policy and procedure writer. 


In Switzerland, she coached clients of the Lichtenstein Bankers Association (LBV Englisch-Sprachtrainings).  Continuing her interest in the healthcare industry, she presented to the Bad Ragaz Swiss Olympic Medical Centre to win a contract for delivering further English classes to physiotherapists, nurses, trainers and radiology personnel.  Joanne started her interest and enjoyment by proofreading a document for an international scientific congress in Berlin for a friend. 


Entering the conference industry back in Australia, she gained customer service experience offering services for exhibition stands in Sydney's largest locations.  

Joanne strives to make and brighten presentations with direct messages, specific information, impacting images and relevant content.

Aiming for the highest quality results enabling professionals to present with enjoyment and timeliness.


Personal supportive approaches: 

- university student editorial support

- negotiating package offerings

- referring in the industry

- partnership in career development plans

- online support for industry associated questions.





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