Medical Presentations is a quality healthcare communication  service specialising in new sector innovative solutions. Discover the convenience of complete industry-specific expertise for clinical, medical and commercial integration.
With better solutions to meet industry standards, a confidential professional service is needed for busy healthcare professionals. Medical Presentations offers services in presentation making, medical writing, proofreading and online research. Strategically, our advantage is the ability to align your needs of style, literacy level, citation, ethic and good clinical practice with work. 
As a core competency, preparation of medical writing is by personnel with a bachelor qualifications in health related field, professional academic English credentials, literary skills, clinical experience and technical writing abilities to meet the needs of optimising your work.

Project Management 

We analyse opportunities to integrate relevant information into your document by identifying stakeholder needs, business case reasoning and your intellectual content.
This initiative is to propose a schedule of works for the project to form a workflow plan towards an accomplished status. Adequate time is allocated to review the final draft for actionable, constructive feedback. A separate approval stage, as a fundamental milestone for the approver, is to assess final completion of tasks leading to successfully delivery of services.
The customer journey is a partnership enabling you to increase your capacity and accuracy in delivering quality information to raise standards of evidence-based practice for better health.

As an Australian business within the healthcare and social assistance sector, our aim is to meet the needs of communicating scientific information. Credible, clear messages, now and in the future. 

For healthcare business providers, clinical-trials research scientists and university students needing impactful literature, Medical Presentations has solutions to improve critical health literature, awareness and accessibility.

Professional Approach to Strategic Content Development 

With clinical, medical and commercial projects, we collaborate with you and our broad scope of abilities to produce a synergy to achieve quality document writing. Marketing and communication content is managed by integrating connecting messages to all work together.

Our process management design achieves targeted results by aligning each phase with your expectations.  

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